Prevention Of Corruption Act

Money laundering is known as the process of transforming all the proceeds of crime into an ostensibly legitimate money and other assets. However, in a number of legal as well as in regulatory systems, the term money laundering has completely become a conflated with many other forms of the financial crime and sometimes it also used more generally to include the misuse of the financial system as well.

Corporate Law or the corporation’s law, company law always deals in the formation and in the operations of corporations which are related to the commercial as well as to the contract law. We are the Best Corporate Law Firms In Delhi with a legal entity created under the laws of the state. State laws, as the name suggest vary from state to state and regulates its creation, organization and the dissolutions of the corporations.

A corporation creates a legal and an artificial person or an entity which stands to sue and to be sued, enter into the confidential contracts, and perform all other duties which are mandatory and necessary in maintaining a business separately from its stockholders.