Family Divorce Lawyer in Delhi

The comprehensive consultations are provided to the clients to deal with the legal process and take the right steps to get the desired results. Our family divorce lawyer in Delhi also ensures that the parties are left with a fair amount of financial asset, income source for respectful life post-divorce.

The best family divorce lawyer in Delhi ensures the best deal with clients and ensures that all aspects of the divorce proceedings are covered to the full satisfaction of the client. The legal matters related the child custody, visitation, child maintenance financial help for education and alimony are settled to the full satisfaction of the client.

Our lawyer dealing with the family divorce cases is experienced and helps the family the day of filing the divorce case to the final settlement day. The lawyer helps in divorce financial planning, taxation matters, division of financial matters save money through investments and helps the family minimize the tax liabilities.

The major part of the divorce settlement is dealing with child custody matters, financial support for the child, tuition fees, and child support and so on. We ensure that a lady with no source of income gets alimony from the husband and also support even during the divorce proceedings.

The Comprehensive Legal Services from the Family Divorce Lawyer in Delhi Cover:-

  • Legal assistance for divorce.
  • Domestic violence, harassment against wife, mental and emotional torture.
  • Cruelty towards the husband, denial of the conjugal right.
  • Legal issues related to child custody.
  • Divorce and finance and division of finance.
  • Divorce and pension.
  • Financial support after legal divorce.

The partners can also consult us for the best services for a speedy divorce to end the mental and emotional harassment. Our legal expertise and care for the client ensure that client is able to get the divorce within the short period. We also provide the grounds for initiating the divorce proceedings, to both partners. But before the start of the divorce proceedings, we take extra steps to seek reconciliation between wife and husband. And initiate the proceedings only when the all efforts fail to bring reconciliation between the wife and husband.