Civil Laws

The Top Litigation Law Firms In Delhi take a person through the entire process of filing and pursuing a non-criminal lawsuit. An attorney advises a person that whether the case is best suited for court or not and can be handled much better outside of the courtroom such as Alimony.

Litigation attorneys also called as litigators and trial lawyers. The Civil Litigation Lawyers In Delhi always represent the plaintiffs and the defendants in all the civil cases and manage the phases of the litigation process which ranges from the investigation, discovery to pre-trial, trial, pleadings, settlement and appeal.

The Litigation Lawyers In Delhi diverse the tasks of all the litigation attorneys and undertake during the course of litigation. The tasks mostly based on the nature of the dispute and the experience level of the attorney that whether the litigation attorney is representing the plaintiff or defendant.

We have the Best Civil Litigation Lawyers in Delhi who often conduct an initial case investigation to determine in the plaintiff’s case and if enough evidence exists in filing a lawsuit in the defendant’s case and also determines what evidence exists to defend a potential suit.

The investigation process by Best Civil Lawyers In Delhi include

  • locating witnesses
  • taking witness statements
  • gathering documents
  • interviewing the client
  • investigating the facts leading to the dispute.

Litigation attorneys always engage in the discussions of the pre-litigation settlement which resolve the matter.