Best Divorce Lawyers in Delhi

Divorce is an unfortunate legal process that involves separation of two individuals who had taken the pledge to remain united only some time back. It is also true that no one comes to the divorce stage happily and willingly. There are some events which are beyond the control and compel the wife or husband to take the course of the divorce, which gives them an opportunity to restart the life. The best divorce lawyers in the Delhi help clients to seek mutual reconciliation and understand the complex procedures involved in the divorce.

But if all other efforts fail and parties want to have divorce then we advise the best course and protect the interest of the clients in the divorce proceedings. The comprehensive advice is given to the client covering child custody, visitation rights, alimony as per Supreme Court order financial assistance to the party and other related matters. one of the best Family Divorce Lawyers in Delhi,Advocate Pankaj Arya,helps clients get an early divorce , so that a new life can be started after the divorce.Advocate Pankaj Arya helps wife to get the financial assistance, even during the divorce proceedings.

The comprehensive services bring end to end services from filing of the divorce case to the legal hurdles and the final settlement on the desired results.Advocate Pankaj Arya helps the wife and non-working ladies to get the full compensation for leading a dignified and respectful life.We also discuss and advise on the practical grounds on which the divorce proceedings can be initiated.

These Grounds Can Be:-

  • Husband or wife acting cruelty under section 498 A IPC
  • Men or Husband inflicting cruelty (Section 498a IPC)
  • Restitution of conjugal rights or denial of right of husband after marriage, (Section 9 of Hindu Marriage Act, 1955)
  • Case of adultery involving a partner, (Section 13(1)(i) HMA)
  • Domestic violence and harassment.
  • Neglect of wife and children by the husband.
  • Husband deserting wife etc

Our experts who are the best divorce lawyers in Delhi also make sure that a fair amount from the husband is provided to the wife who is not working and has no source of income. The alimony is the right of the wife and we calculate the amount based on the living expenses, financial obligations towards kids, education expenses and safeguard the livelihood. The Advocate Pankaj Arya makes sure that the divorce settlement is fair for both the parties and covers all aspect from income, child custody to investment and medical expenses and insurance costs, etc.