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Pankaj Arya Advocate practicing at all hierarchical levels of the courts of law in India. We profess all civil, matrimonial, criminal, Corporate and MACT lawyers.
We believe in the philosophy to establish a profound client and attorney relationship and to perform as per the requirements and the will of our esteemed client with all versatility and dedication. We aim at achieving the best possible results and deriving the best output as per contemporary scenario of the legal fields despite of even the most challenging circumstances.

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Our Practice Area

Vehicle Accident:-

The legal aspect of the vehicle accident deals with fixing the person responsible for the property and personal damage resulting from the traffic collision. The legal assistance helps clients to get the compensation from the owner of the vehicle responsible for the accident.

Insurance Claims: -

The policyholder must have all the legal assistanceto make the insurance claim process smooth and straight forward. If a client is well prepared and organized the claim process becomes easy and one is able to get the claim without any hurdle.

Medical Malpractices: -

The legal assistance is helpful in registered a complaint against the medical practitioner for criminal medical negligence. The complaintin the case of medical malpractice is registered under section 304 A , Indian penal code 1860 .We also help clients to get a quicker recovery of damages under consumer protection law .

Premises Liability: -

The premises liability ensures that owner of the property is responsible for the injury or damage that a person suffers on the property of the owner due to the negligence of the owner in create defecting or unsafe condition on the property .

Real Estate: -

A comprehensive services are provided to the clients on the various aspects of the real estate services from advisory services to lease deeds, due diligence on the property documentation, EPC contracts, rent agreement, and verification of property before sale or purchase.

Labor Law: -

The Comprehensive labor law is provided by the experienced legal experts to help clients get the dues from the owner and at the same time help owner and businesses deal with any labor issue legally. The services are provided by the specialists in the labor law.

Aviation Accident: -

We help our clients to file aviation accident lawsuit and get the damage from the responsible party. The responsible party can be the owner of the airlines,manufacturer, or authorities managing the group handling services.Our legal assistance helps client gets the claims without legal hurdles.

Criminal Defense: -

We provide criminal services to clients , individuals and corporations in the number of cases from criminal misappropriation of funds to breach of trust and criminal conspiracy , forgery , theft , robber , extortion and other such cases coming under a punishable code of Indian penal .

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